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My name is Dea Shanta and I am a professional property agent. I always have interest in marketing and service industry. These passions lead me to property industry and I already in this industry for nearly a decade. Currently, I focus myself in South Jakarta area for leasing, buying, and selling apartments, housings, buildings, land, etc.


I signed up myself as independent property agent in 2012. Now I running my own property agency,

Prior to property agency, since I majored in Bahasa Indonesia Linguistics in University of Indonesia, I was a Bahasa Indonesia mentor for expatriates, most of them were professionals, embassy’s staff, also ambassadors. After that I explored my interest in marketing, I became a leader in an international direct selling company and built my networks in Jakarta, Bali, and Jogjakarta. As a result of these experiences I have a high social skill and I always love people.

I am passionate in promoting things that I believe is good and I am passionate in service. These passions lead me to property industry and I love what I am doing now. My father always said before I promote or sell anything, I have to promote myself first. So being trustworthy is my number one value. Having a long lasting relationship with my clients or co broke agents is my priority.

At this moment I am building a trustworthy team. I am also called to become an influencer in property industry. I desire more people to know more about this industry and share the values that I have been holding. I believe all big things begin from a small seed, but how you handle it makes a difference.

If you’ve come across my profile and would like to connect, or you need assistance in leasing, selling, or buying properties in Indonesia or Jakarta contact me on IG @deashantarealtor or my personal IG @deashanta, also subscribe to deashantarealtor YouTube channel.

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